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Dating Slavic Women

If you’ve heard something about dating Slavic women being difficult, it’s outdated data. With, it’s extremely easy: there are more than 10,000 Slavic girls, and they are literally 10 clicks and 2 minutes away. Join the site for free, meet them, get your bonus credits, and find love today!

Dating Slavic Women

Slavic Ladies Online

Still unsure whether it’s a good idea to date Slavic women? We won’t try to convince you of anything. Just take a look at these profiles of real ladies from Eastern Europe—all these girls are single and available on our site.

Ukraine, Kiev
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Ukraine, Kharkiv
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Ukraine, Odesa
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Ukraine, Kiev
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Ukraine, Kiev
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Ukraine, Kiev
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Ukraine, Kiev
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Ukraine, Odesa
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About us

Slavic-Dating is a Slavic dating site, as you might have guessed. We’ve been connecting people from different countries for more than three years, and our goal is to make international dating easier, safer, and more successful. 

Our mission

We know there are tens of thousands of men in the US who want to find a traditional, family-centered, and loyal Slavic wife. We know that there are tens of thousands of women in Eastern Europe who would love to meet a serious, caring, and loving man from the United States.

Our mission is to help these people find each other. 

On our Slavic woman dating site, the vast majority of people are searching for a serious relationship, and we do our best to help them find love abroad. in Numbers

Around 80% of our members are interested in finding a wife or a husband. However, there are at least 2,000 real Slavic girls with less serious intentions here—so if you want to find an online girlfriend or a pen pal, you have very good chances of finding them here.
There are more than 10,000 Slavic singles on our site. The process of registration is quite hard for women because we need to confirm their identity, but the number is still increasing: over the past month, more than 200 Slavic ladies joined our platform.
All the Slavic countries are here. Most users are from Ukraine, of course, but even such countries as Montenegro and Macedonia are present, not to mention bigger ones like Poland or Russia.
In 2023, the response rate for non-empty profiles (those with at least one picture) was around 82%. 
More than 80% of women on speak English!

How it works?

  • Create a profile

You’ll need to enter your email, name, and date of birth to join the Slavic dating app. After that, you’ll need to upload a photo and write a bio. You can skip those steps, though.

  • Browse profiles

t’s 100% free, and you can use all the search tools without any credits. With these tools, it’ll be easier to find a match.

  • Start communication

Use live chat or email at the beginning (live chat is more affordable) and don’t miss such features as gift delivery in the later stages of your relationship.

Features we offer

“Say Hello” feature
Perfect for those who don’t know how to start communicating with a person. It’s not free, though—sending a “Say Hello” message initiates a live chat between you, so you’ll pay 2 credits for 1 minute of it.
Search filters
It doesn’t matter how detailed your requirements and preferences are, you’ll still find a match on this site. You don’t have to pay for access to these tools, by the way—all of them are available for free! 
Gift delivery
Although this feature isn’t that cheap, it’s something worth mentioning for those who are planning to build a committed long-distance relationship. Like, isn’t it cool that you can send your Slavic girlfriend a bouquet, a bracelet, or perfume? With, you can do it easily—it’s a perfect service for those who want to express their true feelings. 
Real date request
That’s how online dating works: sooner or later, we all go offline. With this feature, this transition will be very easy—you only need to communicate with a woman for a certain amount of time in order to get access to this feature. You’ll be able to request the contact info of the lady to continue chatting with her outside SlavicDating and to request a date to finally meet her in person!
Romance tours
If you request a date and she agrees, it’s great—but with it also comes a set of problems. When to book a flight? What hotel to choose? What if her spoken English is far from fluent? The good news is that with us, you won’t need to worry about these questions. We can take you from her saying “yes” to a date request to her saying “yes” to your proposal—we’ll book a flight and a hotel room, we’ll provide translation and a tour guide (if needed), and of course, we’ll solve all the problems that might occur.

Why you should choose

  • The most important feature that makes us stand out from the other Slavic dating sites is that it’s almost impossible to meet a bot or a fake account here. All the ladies have to prove they are real people and verify their identity in order to sign up at SlavicDating. So here, you won’t meet any fake profiles, only real women.
  • And these real women are focused on serious relationships. Most of them believe that American men make great husbands, and that’s exactly why they join SlavicDating—to find a foreign husband who will love them and treat them with respect.
  • Our customer support team is available 24/7, so if you have any problems, our specialists will fix them quickly.
  • The site has a very convenient mobile version, so you can chat from your smartphone.
  • We offer more than texting—there’s a gift delivery service and other tools that make it easier to maintain a happy relationship.
  • Our Slavic women dating platform is incredibly friendly to standard users (those without credits). If you are a standard user, you can browse profiles, watch photos, add the ladies to favorite lists, etc.

Success stories from our members 

Jacob and Yana
Slavic Dating

Jacob: We’ve been chatting for 8 months, and we’re still there. I mean, we already met twice in Europe (Yana is currently in Berlin, Germany), but we’re still at that stage of the relationship, you know—we are both serious about it, we both have plans, and we both think it’s time for the next step. And I think I’m finally ready for it.

Yana: I was told American men were so marriage-minded they would propose on the first date, haha. Well, not Jacob. With him, it’s more complicated…But he’s so nice, respectful, and caring, I think I can wait. 

May 2024 Update: Jacob and Yana got married in Denmark and applied for a CR1 spousal visa.

Tips from our experts: How to Date Slavic Women

Let’s talk about how to date women successfully on this site. Read this, follow these simple rules, and you’ll find true love here!

  • First, you’ll need to sign up. It’s important to use your real email address because, without a confirmed email, you will be unaware of discounts (and we often have discounts on SlavicDating). However, it’s not mandatory.
  • Fill out your profile. You’ll need to fill in the “About Myself” and the “Member You’re Looking For” fields, which will make it easier for women to find you and make your profile more detailed (and therefore, more trustworthy). You will also be able to write a profile bio and write about your preferences—we recommend using classic, standard prompts that describe the traits you’re looking for and your traits as well (something like “green/red flags I look for are…” or “My perfect first date is…”). As for the profile photo, it’s simple: it must be high-quality and relevant, and you must be alone in it (no group pictures).
  • Then, you’ll need to answer the questions. We have a short questionnaire that will help us find a perfect match for you. It won’t take more than 2 minutes.
  • Choose ladies. There are 16 free search filters here, as you already know, but we honestly don’t recommend using all of them. Not all the profiles are perfectly detailed, and not all the ladies specify 100% accurate information about such small things as, say, eye color or hair color. It wouldn’t be wise to skip a perfect girl because she clicked the wrong button when writing the profile.
  • Start chatting. You can start even without making any purchases: just get your free credits, and it’ll be enough to use the live chat tool for 10 minutes. We recommend starting with the live chat: not only it’s cheaper than emails, but it’s also perfect for brief, casual conversation (which is exactly what you need at the beginning).
  • Build a relationship! Our recommendation here is to be the man she’s looking for. From our experience, it looks like the most common things they want to see in a man are: support, respect, loyalty, and serious intentions. 
  • Meet her, propose, and bring her to your country. When it comes to this step, most couples we are aware of prefer going the K-1 visa path, but you can also choose a CR-1 visa. What we highly recommend doing here is collecting all the evidence of your relationship (photos, tickets) and double-checking everything before applying for the visa. Administrative errors and missing deadlines are some of the most frequent justifications for rejecting a K-1 visa, and rejection is not what you want. If you are not sure about it, contact an immigration lawyer—they help thousands of people every year, and they’ll help you, too.


What is

It’s a Slavic dating site for people interested in a romantic relationship, and by “romantic” we actually mean “serious” because this website will work perfectly for you if you’re looking for a wife/soulmate. This site is trusted and verified by experts, and we have tens of thousands of real Slavic girls!

How safe is it to use

It’s one of the safest platforms for Slavic dating, actually. Women have to pass verification to sign up, and if someone acts suspiciously, our customer support team is always there to help. You don’t need to worry about fake accounts, bots, and scammers here.

Is there a welcome bonus? Can I get free credits? 

Yes! Although it’s a paid dating site, free communication is possible with our welcome bonus: all new members get 20 credits after registration, which means they can chat for 10 minutes for free. To get these credits, you only need to register.

How does the credit system work? What do I have to pay for?

You only pay for the things you’re going to use, that’s the point. With premium membership sites, you pay for all the things included in the package even if you don’t actually need them. With credits, it’s simple: you buy credits, you spend them when you chat/send messages, and you don’t spend them when you don’t use paid features.

Can I meet a real girl for marriage here?

Yes. It’s a real Slavic women dating site. We can’t say things like “100% profiles are real” because there are too many of them, but the absolute majority of them are real Slavic girls. They are looking for a husband, not for a casual relationship, so finding a girl for marriage is definitely possible.