Belarus dating

Belarus dating is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Believe me, my friend, dating a Belarusian baby is similar to finding a treasure. Belarusian women are basically as attractive as Ukrainian or Russian women, but are more approachable and more trustworthy. You can find the best candidate for a long-term relationship or just for a casual fun in this country. One thing is for certain, Belarus is the top country for meeting beautiful chicks. Do you want to have the time of your life with stunning girl from Belarus? If an answer is positive, let’s find out more about Belarusian dating culture. 

Belarusian Girls


Dating with Belarusian girl means a high level of trust. You can rely on her much more than on any girl from other countries. Generally, people tend to trust each other more in Belarus, than in Ukraine or Russia, for example. It’s a great reason to date a girl from Belarus. You can be sure that your girlfriend will be loyal and faithful. They also do not like to expose their private life to the public. Furthermore, Belarusian ladies are able to keep secrets. 

In addition to the high level of trust, they are friendly and easy to talk to. Belarusian dating is  accessible. This availability is conditioned by Belarusian mentality. Girls from this country haven’t travelled abroad yet because of visa regime. On the whole, Belarusian ladies are curious about foreigners and open for new acquaintances. Moreover, your foreigner status will be an advantage in this case. There are not so many things to do for a tourist in Belarus, except dating with stunning women.  Belarusian lady will be interested in your culture and traditions a lot. By the way, the best variant for dating is Minsk (the capital). Minsk is the largest city in Belarus which is full of open-minded, smart and stunning girls. The best nightlife is mainly in the capital. Furthermore, girls who speak English can be found easier in the capital, than in any other Belarusian town.

Belarusian girls adore gentlemen. You gonna put in some efforts. Buying flowers or hand kissing will be evaluated on merit. Remember about opening the door and asking about her matters. It can melt her heart in a second. Girls from Belarus are like pretty flowers. You should water flowers regularly, if you want to see them blooming. 

    Similar to other women from Slavic states, Belarusian girls appreciate family values. Spouse and children are the highest priority. Unlike Polish women, Belarusian women consider a husband to be the leader in a relationship. They are also excellent housewives. Belarusian girls can provide you with melting into the snug warmth of the home. Belarusian wives are mostly wise and drama free. So that, a harmony and calmness will be always in a family life. BUT… Not everything is so easy to get. Family is the number one for her, especially mother and grandmothers. If they are not like you, well, it’s a damn, my dear. If a man is going to go on a date with a girl from Belarus, he must do these two things: 

  1. Make a wonderful impression on her mother and grandmothers (remember about the same stuff which was mentioned before: flowers, sweets, etc).
  2.  Show your respect to her father and grandfathers. It would also be a good gesture if you could learn a few words in their language. The past generations don’t speak English very well.

Why are Belarus Women so Popular

What is the secret of the Belarus women’s popularity? Of course the matter is in their remarkable beauty. Just as all ladies with Slavic origin, they are the proud owners of natural attractiveness. They never forget about fashion and follow up-to-date trends. Noticing Belarusian girl in the crowd, you won’t be able to forget this marvelous face till the end of your life. It will be always on your mind. Furthermore, not only her appearance can touch your soul. How about astonishing girl with perfectly-shaped body and a sharp mind? Believe me, it’s not a dream.

Girls pay great attention to their knowledge in Belarus. Many of them gained a higher education and got an appropriate work. Men are nicely surprised with their competence in any fields. You can easily lose your sense of time while talking with Belarusian girl. They are also witty and quick-minded. 

Babies from Belarus are easy-going and know how to relax. Attending discos or night clubs, meeting with friends outside, organizing the parties – these are widespread activities among young ladies on the weekend. By and large, Belarusian girls are enthusiastic lovers. They are horny and not reserved in the bedroom so you will definitely have a great sex. All things considered, men are never get bored with such chicks.

As it was mentioned before Belarusian females are known for being polite and well-mannered. You can introduce your Belarus girlfriend without a hitch to anybody. She will impressed either your relatives or friends. Moreover, she isn’t only an amazing speaker rather attentive listener. Your girlfriend will be all ears while you will be talking to her. Overall, she could always give an essential advice and weather the storm with you.

The rare mix of femininity and sexuality makes Belarusian women so popular among men all over the world. Gorgeous look, perfect skin and body, sharp mind, hot temper – are you looking for such preferences for yourself? Dating a lady from Belarus is like walking on air. Bonus is that they have a soft spot for foreigners. So take a chance and be on cloud nine with your Belarusian girlfriend!

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