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From Ukraine, Odesa
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cooking, watching tv shows, reading

About me

Despite my age I have a very young soul! Why do I mean? Well, I am wise, mature and I value traditional approach in the relationship such as flowers and chocolates period, when the man is «the head» and the woman is « the neck». But I also know how it is important to let the person into your life, have an open mind towards his or her interests, ideas and understanding of life and of course acceptance towards the character. I also believe that kindness of heart and a good sense of humor can save this world! Do you agree? As for my living…My job is not only the deal of my life but my main hobby and my cultural heritage. I am a cook at a Ukrainian family restaurant. Many years ago, when I was still a young girl I used to help my grandmother on the kitchen, she showed me how important is cuisine towards culture. So even now, I still remember everything she taught me and I carry this baggage of knowledge with me and improve it with my experiences! And of course I show it in my meals - traditions, taste, feeling of home and love. Besides that I am a very sporty and active lady not someone who can sit on a couch everyday and do nothing. I go jogging every morning for many years and I like doing outdoors exercise. I am also a big fan of theater, especially I like to attend ballet and opera and I also love other cultural events such as exhibitions in museums or music concerts. I hope we can share some interest together or maybe we can learn something exciting from each other…What do you think about that?


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