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From Ukraine, Kiev
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Well, I had a long and interesting life. I think that any you do in your life is your experience, I never look back and always proud of any decision I did in my life. Sometimes I did some mistakes, but they show me how to do correctly. This is the way I live this life, I love to live and enjoy life. My job is my hobby, one of the best one. I am working as sewing technologist. When I was finishing school I was don't know what I want to do in my life and what kind of life I want to have at the last day I sat down and think what I like to do and this was sewing. I grow up in times we don't have much in shops like today, I could not go out and buy a new dress, but this was not a big deal for me, I draw what kind of dress I want and simply create that. This pushes me in the college cutting and sewing. This how I find the way in my life. I love to take some work to home put a good movie on the notebook and spend an evening watching movies, eating something tasty and sewing. Well, I prefer a healthy lifestyle, that is why I took some chocolate or some cheese. I taking care of my health, this is very important for me, I eat healthily and in the correct time and of course I not forget about sports. I do love spending some time in the gym not very usual but you can find me two or three times a week in the gym or pull, I do like sauna a lot, this brings me great relax and amazing mood, but after the sauna, I need to have some relax time at home. I am rather a tidy person but after the sauna, I will not even wash dishes. Every weekend I make a great cleaning at home, I put good music cook and after that clean all house, this brings me joy when I can relax in a tidy place, take some meal and relax at the TV.


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